Friday, June 6, 2014

WorldEdit for you on Christian Minecraft

You can now use WorldEdit if you have played some hours on the server and been promoted some ranks.

Because of security reasons you have to define a region that is limited to about 1000 blocks otherwise WorldEdit would lag the server if many use it simultaneously. In the future there may be possible to use WorldEdit in you GriefPrevention claim. Unfortunately the versions we use are not compatible yet so we will have to use WorldGuard regions for now.

First you get the region tool by the command //wand. You first left click one corner of your region and then right click the other. Then you can do the command //expand vert which makes your region go from the sky to bedrock in hight.

Then you define a WorldGuardRegion by the command /region define <NameOfYourRegion> <YourPlayerName>

No you have a region in which you can use WorldEdit.

God Luck and God bless you!