Sunday, June 8, 2014

I was crucified at Kaizen-worlds

Kaizen-Worlds are an half-japanese server I went to today. 
I sat in their church chilling and they asked me to say a word of wisdom. 

Well I did. 

I went up in the pulpit and told that we have to follow the ten commandments or we are doomed and if we ever had broken any of them even in our thoughts we had to pray for forgiveness to God in Jesus name.

 They went berserk to this simple preaching.

They put up three crosses and jailed me to one of them. 

They did smite me.

I'm proud to be worthy of the same sort of shame as him. 

To be rejected

mobbed, prosecuted and finally

killed by the evil mob.

I'm honored to bear his cross with him. 

I forgive them by faith and pray to you Father in heaven to forgive them too
as they did not know what they were doing.
In Jesus name 


  1. I'm sorry jesus_lion this happened too you but our server is a friendly one and we didn't like you accusing us of wrong doings

    1. Confess Jesus as Lord, pray to God to firgive your sins and you will be saved.

      I have already forgiven you. God bless you!

  2. Amen to that This is Ele Pray that they find the Truth one day.

  3. Hey, this is unacceptable! Can you please tell me who did this?!

    We have since relaunched and only myself and 2 very trusted people hold op powers.

    We also now have a huge church just outside spawn.

    1. Well I have forgotten who did it and it does not matter. I've forgiven them.

      A huge church sounds nice. God bless you!