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How to npc

Updated Dec 18 - 2016

You have to be logged in 10 hours to get an NPC.  You are only allowed to create one NPC.

The short version for a npc puppy named RonaldReagan:
/npc create RonaldReagan
/trait sentinel
/sentinel guard <yourname>
/npc type wolf
/npc age baby


To view help:
/sentinel help
Sentinels can be typed as pets or other mobs.
To create a sentinel, use:
/npc create NPC Name
/trait sentinel
and type /npc type <type> 

/npc create NPC Name --trait sentinel
To give your sentinel a place or path to guard use:
/npc path
And use the Waypoints editor.
To equip your sentinel with weapons and armor see #Equipment
If you would like the sentinel to respawn in a different place from where it was created. Move it using
/npc tphere
And then call
/sentinel spawn 


Sentinels can optionally warn or greet Players that come nearby, letting the Player know if the sentinel is hostile or friendly. This is off by default. To turn it on set the WARNINGRANGE higher than 0. This is the number of blocks beyond the RANGE that the sentinel will look for Players to warn/greet. For example if the RANGE is 10 and the WARNINGRANGE is 5, Players 10-15 blocks away will be alerted to the sentinel's hostility.
The warning and greeting message can be customized for each sentinel.
To set the warning message:
/sentinel warning 'New Warning Message'
To set the greeting message:
/sentinel greeting 'New Greeting Message'
  • <PLAYER> and <NPC> can be used in the message as a placeholder for the Player's name or sentinel's name.
  • Setting either message to "" will disable that message.


Sentinels have guarding 2 modes: Lookout and Bodyguard.


This is the default mode for a new sentinel. Lookouts will stand on a single waypoint or travel between waypoints at the default NPC speed. They will look for and engage any targets.
  • If a lookout becomes 'stuck' it will abandon its target and teleport back to its waypoint(s).
  • Lookouts should always be given waypoints, otherwise they will simply stop moving when their target dies. use /npc path to set one or more waypoints.
  • Lookouts ignore PvP protection and will deal and receive damage in all cases.
To set the Sentry back to this mode if it has been changed:
/sentinel guard


Bodyguards will guard follow another living entity (their guard target). The guard target can be a player or another NPC. If a bodyguard is set to retaliate}, it will engage anything that attacks either its guard target or itself. It will also actively engage any targets that have been configured.
  • Bodyguards will not deal damage to, or receive damage from, their guard target or any other bodyguards guarding that target.
  • If a bodyguard becomes stuck it will teleport to its guard target after a few seconds.
  • If the guard target is a player, and the player logs out, the bodyguard will remain where it is and will not take damage or engage in combat until the player comes back online and in range.
  • Bodyguards will honor any PvP-protection that might be active in the current world or area. (can be changed in the Configuration)
To set a Sentry as a bodyguard for a target NPC or Player:
/sentinel guard [Name]
  • Notes:
    • [Name] is case-sensitive!
    • Named mobs must be within range of the NPC when set.
    • By default this command checks nearby entities for the specified name and if not found then checks the online player list. If this behavior is undesirable you can use /sentinel guard -p [Name] to only check the online player list or /sentinel guard -l [Name] to only check entities nearby the .


Equipment can be added to sentinel using the Citizens /npc equip editor. or the /sentinel equip [item|none] command. What's the difference?
  • /npc equip
    • Can only be used by in-game players
    • Takes items from the player and gives it to the NPC
    • Drops all items when removed

Sentries can be mounted and also used as mounts.

Mounted Sentinels

To make a sentinel mounted use the command /npc controllable and then /sentinel mount. This command creates a new, permanant horse-type NPC for the sentinel to ride. This NPC can be edited in any way you see fit.

The mount is a horse by default but can be changed to any mob type with the /npc type command