Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The house of fluturi

Fluturi has given us a great survival mission  - to build an enormeous survival house. Its not an original but still. The original one is builds of snow and quartz blocks but we think that will be very hard to find all that quartz so we have opted to build in white stained clay.

You may say that white stained clay are not vegan but if we mine it in a mesa biome we do not need to 1. burn it, 2. stain it with bonemeal.

At server c we have a copy of the house we are about to build at ./warp fluturi

The plan is to go to a Mesa biome at the new survival world and mine like maniacs. :)

The biome is at -4500 and -3500. We will get there either by boat or through the Nether.

The http://www.mavenspun.com/games/minecraft/ calkulator tells us that the biome can be found if we set up a portal in the Nether at -562, -437.

It is a much faster trip through the nether.

In this map we have the Mesa biome at the left top and spawn at the right bottom.

We need 19000 blocks of white stained clay.. (I used the //Count 155 command in World Edit)

19000 blocks is about 300 stacks.... thats a feat i would say...

We have 36 slots so that means we have to do like 10  man trips  - if we count six slots for for food and tools. Three players could do it in 3-4 trips.

Would you like to join in? Maybe you can have a room in the new great house.

New survival world map

We have now set up a new survival world. This one is strictly survival so no cheating with gamemodes.

Here is a map of the world:

In the middle you can see the spawn, marked with a house. The villager symbols are villages and the stone are strongholds and temples.

Remeber the server rules from the other servers apply to this one also even if we don't have many plugins on this one. It is almost an vanilla server.