Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We now have a new server up for testing. The name of the server is "superhard" and it is. The ip is pvp.christmc.com even though pvp is not allowed.

It has ten times more monsters, and are almost hardcore becuase you will spawn randomly on death. Mobs do no drops and it is always night.

This is a real challenge.
There are lots of diamonds at level 7-14 in server superhard.

When you join you have 15 seconds of invincibility, which I suggest you use to get a couple of seeds and then dig down immediately.

Make a shaft in the dirt, and  find yourself a tree. Get some wood without surfacing. Make a wooden pickaxe and then a stone one. Mine down!

Make an underground farm. I suggest level 7.

Dont forget make torches first and get some water to your farm.

Good luck!