Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Castle Building Competition

Now  The Castle Building Competition has ended and a winner is chosen.

  • And the third price goes to Eletricreeper4me
  • And the second price goest to Allancv
  • And the winner of The Castle Building Competition is SPlRlTWALKER

SPlRlTWALKER in action.

The Judges winning points

- Design is light and the build is inviting you to stay.
 - Nice design, a nice entrance and a nice TV.

- The water features and the many details
-  Beatiful design and a cool sentry guard.

- The functionality as a defense and the grandness of the space
-  The big spaces

A special mention

 Ninjex53 had cool frames and a castle with kind of a Chinese look.

Cons of the builds were that some of them used and broke some blocks that were not legit, like bedrock and lapisore but since all the castles were built in creative they are not completely legit as whole. There were no set rules before the contest started but in most contest you can only use blocks that you can use in survival mode for a building to be legit.

SPlRlTWALKER earns 100 000 claimblocks and a promotion.

Allancv earns 50 000 claimblocks  and a promotion,

Eletricreeper4me earns 25000 claimblocks  and a promotion.


Ele's grand design.

Ninjex smart features

Al building his castle

The winner

You can find the castles at these warps:

./warp spirit

./warp elecastle
./warp alcastle

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